The history of Le Sens Six

106 Avenue de Lodève is where the brothers Stephane and Christophe Bruyere have their hotel – restaurant – wine bar, “Le Sens Six”. Originally a family business founded by their grandfather, Jean Tracol, in 1951, and then run by their mother as a friendly hotel, the “Beausejour, it has changed considerably in recent years.

The renaissance of Le Sens Six

In 1986, Christophe joined the business, followed shortly by his brother, Stéphane, graduate of a cookery school.

After long consideration on the future of the establishment, which didn’t live up to their aspirations, they decided to change the image of the « Beausejour ». It became “Le Sens Six” (a play on its address: Cent Six). Hasty snack lunches gave way to balanced dishes prepared with fresh products. A wine bar was also added.